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2024 HBCU First LOOK College Tour

Inspiring the next generation of minority filmmakers.

You can join us for a one-day, skills-building workshop

Black and brown talent is underrepresented in the film and TV industry. Less than 6 percent of the writers, directors, and producers of films produced in the US are Black. The HBCU First LOOK Film Festival’s College Tour aims to disrupt this long-standing reality by inspiring a new generation of minority directors, producers, and writers. 


We’re equipping HBCU students interested in the film industry with the practical skills to improve their craft, get recognized and raise capital through a one-day, intensive workshop brought to you by award-winning producers in the film and TV industry. 


The HBCU First LOOK College Tour is open to currently enrolled students at any HBCU in the U.S. Students that are unable to attend the workshop in person will have an opportunity to stream the workshop live. 


The one-day workshops will take place at HBCU campuses around the country. Each workshop will be a one-of-a-kind experience you don’t want to miss, featuring a local and notable HBCU graduates from the communications to TV and film industries.


Online registration for students majoring in Communications, (broadcast, digital, TV and film), Fine Arts, Marketing/Advertising and Business.  


Be the first to know about the college tour dates, registration, and featured guests by signing up for the HBCU First LOOK newsletter!

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