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About Us


Miles Ahead Entertainment (MAE) is composed of a proud collective of HBCU Alumni. MAE is an award winning woman- and minority-owned, MDOT/WOSB certified, global multi-cultural agency specializing in strategic planning, talent acquisition management, concierge sponsorship engagement, digital and social media marketing and virtual event. Our Miles Ahead Broadcasting (MAB) produces broadcast customized properties.

We invite you to join us in our commitment to advance career opportunities for HBCU students and to provide a ‘first look’ into the next generation of talented filmmakers and leaders.  


The HBCU First LOOK Film Festival & Challenge is an innovative annual HBCU initiative that focuses on Diversity and Inclusion opportunities that brings together HBCU students with HBCU graduates who are creators and leaders in film, TV, and broadcast industries.


Via The HBCU First LOOK Film college tour with on-site interactive engagement, social media messaging  and a digital platform, we will showcase cinematic creative content works from the next generation of filmmakers, while providing hands on career development opportunities.  

Marketing and Career Development

Marketing Elements


- HBCU First LOOK Film Festival targets students attending four and two year Historically Black College and Universities (HBCU).


- Via social media and streaming campaign we will access  over 15,000+ HBCU students and alumni

Program Elements


- Produce Boot camps designed for aspiring student filmmakers


- Interactive seminars and screenings


- Create network bridge for students and professional alumni 

A career development pipeline will allow industry vets to take a  “first lookat the next generation producers and content creators.

Advisory Board

To Be Announced

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